Gibson House Museum

Lots of Light: New Traditions Music

Lots of Light: New Traditions Music - youth music workshop at Gibson House Museum

Through 5 sessions of drumming and singing, participants touch on the history of Afro Indigenous Colombian music and how it continues to be revitalized. The project culminates with a final performance.

This is a practical and interactive hands-on set of drumming workshops directed and adapted to participants of various musical skills. The workshops are designed to give participants basic knowledge on traditional percussion instruments and their respective musical genres within Latin American and Caribbean popular music, specifically Colombia. It is an inclusive set of 5 workshops, where participants will develop techniques in the appreciation of percussion instruments.

Participants must be at least 14 years old to attend these workshops.

First session is Nov 04. Subsequent 4 sessions run at the same time on Nov 11,18, 25 and Dec 02.